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Alan Fraser Sunbeam Tiger ‘The Monster Tiger’

Alan Fraser Sunbeam Tiger ‘The Monster Tiger’


This legendary race car, the most winning Sunbeam Tiger of all time, has now become available for sale after 34 years in the hands of the current owner.


It has a complete and clearly documented history and underwent a 3 year restoration from 2000 – 2003 at vast expense and with not an ounce of filler used. The car is in exactly the same specification now as it was in 1966 other than a more potent fresh engine (test time only) with over 500 bhp and 488 ft lb’s of torque.


The original FIA spec engine comes with the car as does a spare unused Super T-10 gearbox.


The car has FIA / HTP paperwork and in the right hands is a seriously quick car more than capable of beating Cobras, GT350’s, E-types etc.


Much more information and period photos are available on request from seriously interested parties.



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